What if, you could have any superhero power in the world? What would you choose?

Gosh, that’s a hard question. Speed of lightning, superhuman strength, invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis, optic blast, enhanced healing, shape-shifting, time-traveling, telepathy, flight, enhanced hearing, x-ray vision…

Okay, just hold on; just give me a moment to think. I really need to digest this all. I mean, you have no idea how mega this is. This is super mega.  Sorry what? What was that you just said?

What if, you already have a superpower? 

Dude, you’re joking right?! I think I’d know if I was already super mega cool. Are you laughing? Hey, this isn’t funny.

All right, it’s time to get to the gist of this conversation. You do have a superpower – Du’aa. The power to call upon Allah at any time or place, in any language; irrespective of your race, colour, ethnicity, age, status of wealth and amount of health. So you can ask Allah for whatever you want, and He’ll answer your call. Sometimes He’ll give you what you want, if it is good for you, and other times He’ll replace it with reward on your scale of good deeds, or protect you from a calamity.

Whooaaaaaaaa. Oh my god. Are you for real? Whooooaaaaaaa.

Now, before you go off on a tangent, and start actually claiming you’re a super-hero, let’s just make a few things clear. To start off with, the power of Du’aa did not manifest from you, it is not one of your oh so super-sonic abilities and you definitely did not create it. You’re also not an alien from another planet. But, and here’s the really über-cool part of it all, you were gifted with it. It was handed over to you on a silver platter till the end of time. You, my friend, have in your hand, the greatest, most awesome, ultimate superpower in the world – Du’aa

Gosh, this is the best day of my life. Just give me a moment… no, I’m not crying.

…just like everyone else out there. 

Wait, so I’m not the only one? Awww man!

Du’aa has been gifted to all of mankind, from the beginning of creation to the end of creation. Every human being who has been brought to life has the chance to use this superpower that Allah gave them, but not everyone does. Some don’t know of its existence because they ward off guidance from Allah; they turn their backs on Islam. 

That’s really stupid of them.

Yes, very, and then some know about it but don’t want to accept it.

Wow, they must be pretty cuckoo.

Oh, but just wait till you hear this. Some know about it, accept it, but hardly ever use it! They let it rust away for years, until they grow older and finally realize what they had.

Oh man. What a waste. Poor guys.

And finally there are those phenomenal people, who make use of their super-power day and night, they believe in it, accept it, rely on it and act towards making it happen until they are living it, breathing it in at every moment, and using it every chance they get.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. You got a super-power then you use it. So dude, can you hook me up? I need to know the ins and outs of this super-power, what are its limitations and weaknesses?

My friend, if there’s one thing you definitely need to know about Du’aa, then it’s that it is limitless. Du’aa has no weaknesses, no expiry date and certainly no kryptonite; it’s flawless. It’s a means to bring you closer to Allah, and that’s why there is nothing in this world, universe or galaxy that can come between you and Allah. You’ve got a straight connection. 

Man, now I gotta admit that that is the coolest super-power ever. I mean, all super-powers have some sort of weakness. Sure, it’s awesome if you can fly, but you don’t have any control over the stormy winds that imbalance you while you’re in the air, or you can read someone’s mind but you can’t forget the toll it takes on your own, or you can regenerate tissue but every time you get sliced and diced you feel the pain!

Exactly, but Du’aa is the opposite! The more Du’aa you make, the more reward you get as well. Each Du’aa generates reward in itself, because you are remembering Allah. So it’s like…

This never-ending cycle of awesomeness!

Uhh…yeah, you could put it that way. 

So, anyway, man, just tell me one last thing.


How do I use my super-power every chance I get?

Well, it’s pretty simple, really. Whenever you know in your heart that you need Allah’s guidance and help.

What, like Spider-Man’s spidey-sense? Hey, stop laughing! It’s an innocent question.

Well, yeah, I guess you could relate it to that. Although, of course, it’s not a precognitive sense or anything, but it does, in fact, protect you from danger and works way better and faster than any err…‘spidey-sense’.  And you do sense in your heart that Allah is the only one that can help you.

Cool! So, like, how often do you feel that?

That’s what’s incredible! We need Allah’s help all the time, every single day and night. Every time we’re stuck in a messy situation, every time we’re sick, every time we need money, every time we set a goal and aim for it, every time we need to get a job, or want to get married, every time we want to pass a gigantic, mind-blowing exam, every time we want to secure protection for those living in war-zones, every time we want to increase in goodness, every time we want to strengthen our connection with Allah, every time we want our loved ones to be guided towards the truth, or even when we need guidance for ourselves, every time we pause for a moment during the daily turmoil in our lives to think about our future, and every time we touch our foreheads to the ground and ask Allah for what our hearts really, truly desire most – Jannah.

Man, that’s all so beautiful! And heck yeah, now I am crying. Well, thanks a bunch man. I really needed someone to tell me I had a super-power. I mean, personally, I knew all along in my heart, but you know I didn’t think anyone would ever believe me, but the fact that everyone has one as well but doesn’t know or care….is kind of like, weird, but then yeah, some people do know, so that’s just like totally awesome… I mean, they’re awesome, but they probably already know that, right? Right?