20140901_150534At the age of 13, Safaa Baig finally discovered her answer to one of life’s most important [and truly mind-boggling] questions – What do you want to be when you grow up? Today, some odd years later, [although her family heartily argues that she is nowhere near grown up] she is an Islamic novelist, writing in the hopes of touching people’s hearts and inspiring change. Her aim is to leave Islam’s mark as far as she can reach – and beyond.

On the side, she enjoys chatting people’s ears off, baking goodies to make people’s tummies happy, learning exotic languages [and of course there’s a hidden agenda behind that one too], amongst a number of other phenomenally exciting things. She is a daydreamer at heart and a visionary in being.

She has successfully scripted live plays for The Young Muslimah Project, occasionally writes articles and short stories for SISTERS magazine and LITTLE EXPLORERS magazine, and is currently working on a few dozen other ideas and dreams that are swimming around in her head.

Soul of a Butterfly is Safaa Baig’s first ever published novel, completed at the age of 17.