• “…a page-turner. Soul of a Butterfly highlights the struggles of youth facing questions of heart and faith.”

  • I assure you from the moment you pick up the book, till you put it down, you won’t be disappointed. ‘Soul of a Butterfly’ is a book for both the young and old who are seeking change in their life. It is for those who have hope for a better tomorrow and those whose life has no purpose and no direction…”

    Madiyah Rana
  • An excellent read with lots of exciting twists and turns. I couldn’t put the book down, looking forward to the sequel!!

    Sara Bizan
  • This was such a beautifully written book and a real page turner. I cried, laughed and gasped! Such a wonderful and original story.

    Dig deeper
  • While the story is humorous and lighthearted, it also addresses serious and compelling issues such as the purpose of existence and comparative religious theologies…This story will undoubtedly captivate teenagers and remind many others of the immense blessing of Islam.

    Rumaysah Bint-Muhammad
  • Wonderfully written story of a girl and her journey to find inner peace.

  • Lovely story. It made me want to convert yet again.

  • Incredible. This book completely surpassed my expectations. It is well written, funny, engaging and is sure to make you cry multiple times throughout. I highly recommend this book to anyone, and it will now proudly sit on my All-Time-favorite books shelf!

    Cannot wait to read more from Safaa Baig!